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Questions and Answers - Virtual Offices

Application Setup

Applications are set up within 24 hours - upon sight and copy of original driving licence or passport, together with current utility bill / proof of address.

Upon receipt of your application and proof of identity we shall email confirmation of your account details.  Original confirmation and receipted invoice shall be posted to you.

Do I have to pay VAT?

VAT at the standard rate is payable on all services.

What payment methods do you accept

We accept, cash, cheque, bank (BACS) transfer.

What types of mail do you accept?

We only accept general mail items - large parcels, pallet items are not accepted.

How often do you send mail to me?

We send mail to you on a weekly basis or more frequently as you require, alternatively personal collection of mail during office hours. This should be indicated to us on the application form. 

Do you batch my mail or do you send it as individual items?

Mail is always bundled into an outer envelope. This is carried out for additional security and cost saving measures.

Are there any handling charges when you post my mail to me?

There are no handling charges when mail is sent on to you. All you pay for is the actual postage charge at our cost with the Royal Mail together with a charge for the packaging.

Can you send mail overseas?

We can send mail to you wherever you are.  Please note that overseas mail will not be sent recorded.

How often can I change my forwarding address?

Your forwarding address can be changed as often as required. For security and accuracy, we can only accept changes of address in writing to our Mail Department.

How can I contact you?

Via telephone on 01788 555 000 or via email at enquiries@eastlands-court.co.uk

Do I have to subscribe for a year?

We also provide the service for a 6 month and 3 month duration. Please indicate your preference on your application form. Please note that the service will only operate under the period for which you have subscribed.

How long have you been providing this service?

We have been providing this service since 1988.

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